Anne Hathaway - Who's looks better, Kate Hudson or Anne Hathaway?

Anne Hathaway here invannuyskate hudson julieluongoAnne Hathaway and Kate Hudson

~*RaYe*~ by ~*RaYe*~
I like both :)
  • baby #1 due nov 14 ITS A GIRL! by baby #1 due nov 14 ITS A GIRL!
    anne hathaway

    here they are combined

  • Elliot Kane by Elliot Kane
    Even though I usually prefer blondes, I have to admit I prefer Anne Hathaway. I blame the huge eyes. She's gorgeous, but those are the decider, for me.
  • Rachel3 by Rachel<3
    Anne Hathaway!!! She has beautiful dark hair and eyes and shes gorgeous, Kate Hudson's just an average blonde "girl next door"---boring.
  • Rion by Rion
    Anne Hathaway.. Definitely.
  • Erica by Erica
    Anne Hathaway. :)
  • misunderstood teenager by misunderstood teenager
    Anne Hathaway
  • Trishee by Trishee
    Anne Hathaway
  • waffelhaus by waffelha...
    Neither. both are anorexic. girls are supposed to have curves.
  • 17227 by 17227
    how about a combination?

    kate hathaway!!!
  • jm by jm
    Kate Hudson
  • BridgeHead by BridgeHe...
    i lovvveddd anne in rachel getting married!
  • Joe by Joe
    Kate Hudson.
  • kate by kate
    Ouch, um neither really but if I had to...Hathaway.
  • Quiz Boy7 by Quiz Boy7
    ohhh Anne Hathaway

  • saraa by saraa
    kate hudson
  • the baddest ***** by the baddest *****
    Kate, Anne is fugly!!!
  • Lyall pivo by Lyall pivo
  • angel by angel
  • EddieJ by EddieJ
  • Jessica Simpson loves Jello by Jessica Simpson loves Jello
    they are both really pretty. if i had to chose, kate hudson.

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