Anne Hathaway - E! True Hollywood Story, Heath Ledger

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway appeared in "E! True Hollywood Story" - Heath Ledger (2008) TV episode as Herself.

"E! True Hollywood Story" - Heath Ledger is nice tribute. First of all, I want to say that this report is awesome! It's great and lovely, to review Heath Ledger's life, because he was a great actor,person and he deserves it. Nobody says anything negative about Heath's life, so maybe this is a sign that he was really a good person gone too soon. Leave a two year old daughter who is his father image, and he's still with us, because he lives in her. I'm from Spain, and I wanted to know if there's any possibility to get this report. I watched it in Youtube, but it can be download. So if someone knows any page where I can find a link to download it, I'll be very pleased, because here in Spain, we don't have "True Hollywood Story" and it's impossible for me to get the report. Thank you in advance, and I repeat, it's a very nice tribute to him.

Episode Cast
Beng Spies ... Narrator

Heath Ledger ... Himself (archive footage)
Mark Naglazas ... Himself

Annie Murtagh-Monks ... Herself
John Rapsey ... Himself
Melissa Thomas-Dunkley ... Herself
Ann Fay ... Herself

Jefery Levy ... Himself
Shaun Cassidy ... Himself (archive footage)
Rick Rosenthal ... Himself

Chad Hartigan ... Himself

Bryan Brown ... Himself (archive footage)
Gregor Jordan ... Himself
Noreen Hobson ... Herself

Mel Gibson ... Himself (archive footage)

Mark Addy ... Himself (archive footage)

Shannyn Sossamon ... Herself (archive footage)

Naomi Watts ... Herself (archive footage)

Ang Lee ... Himself

Michelle Williams ... Herself (archive footage)

Anne Hathaway ... Herself (archive footage)
Annie Proulx ... Herself

Keith Szarabajka ... Himself

Christian Bale ... Himself (archive footage)
Vincent Fantauzzo ... Himself - artist

Verne Troyer ... Himself
Paul Browne ... Himself - NYC Police Deputy Commissioner
Ray Kelly ... Himself

Drew Pinsky ... Himself
Kim Ledger ... Himself / Heath's Father

Vincent Fauntauzzo ... Himself

Anne Hathaway - Opening Performance at the 2009 Oscars .

Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway's Opening Performance at the 2009 Oscars (English Subtitles)This Anne Hathaway's Opening Performance at the 2009 Oscars for you that missed it. Have fun.

AH hugh jackman is AWESOME

this was so freakin awesome!!
and it probably took so little to make this opening too. haha GOOD JOB!

i love hugh!! i thought he did a great job!!!!

you could tell he wanted to crack up while singing a couple times :) my friends and i loved his hosting

He is just amazing! I loved the opening.

wait, when did he mention angelina and brad?

The Reader
I haven't seen The Reader
I was going to see later
But I fell behind
My Batmobile took longer
Than I thought to design

LMAO! He needs to host again!!!!

lmao I thought that was the best part, I laughed so hard.

i had tears i was laughing so much. love it when he cracks up

amazing!!!! lol

hugh jackman is frickin awesome...sing, dance, and act...he just went up 10 notches in my book!!!

The CraigList Dancers??? Lol...

And FYI, Anne Hathaway sang even better on SNL in that send-up of Mary Poppins, so her GREAT voice is no surprise!

Way to go, Hugh! I am the Wolveriiiiiiiine

LOVE HIM! Took lots of charm to pull that off.

thanks for posting this! Very cool stuff!

I just became a HUGE Hugh Jackman fan.

Anne Hathaway 'ı gerçekten çok seviyorum. Bir gençlik filmiyle meşhur olmuş bile olsa şuan çok iyi bir yerde ve gerçekten çok güzel.

In every aspect, this is the best OSCAR I have ever seen.
love the musical, sexy Hugh & Anne Hathaway
love how they present the award, so touching!

Yep hes wolverine alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm an australian playing an australian i a movie called ausralia : hosting !! lol

Best Oscar presenter EVER!
Anne Hathway was absolutely perfect ....She and Jackman have a HUGE Chemistry! They def. should make a movie with both of them

Anne Hathaway - Or Pamela Anderson, who would win in a slap fight?

Anne Hathaway wooden spearsPamela Anderson images attachment showbiz china dailyJust in dreaming :)
Just for fun :)

Masuyuu N Masuyuu N

Who would win in a slap fight, Pamela Anderson or Anne Hathaway?


  • by deemo197...
    pamela anderson... shes been thru some stuff
  • Y!Sux by Y!Sux
    Anne Hathaway wouldn't do that.She knows sh*t splatters.
  • Mr. Mariah Carey by Mr. Mariah Carey
    especially if it was a boobie slap fight!
    I've seen TV.

  • Robert by Robert
    pamela anderson versus the "princess diaries"? Definitely pamela anderson.
    Pammy all the way....all that V.I.P experience!!!
  • doll parts by doll parts
    ur a sick person :(

Anne Hathaway - New Lancome Magnifique perfume

Anne Hathaway images lancome fashionistaAnne Hathaway’s new Lancome Magnifique perfume commercial preview has arrived.

Anne Hathaway dances to the Róisín Murphy’s hip song, "Ramalama (Bang Bang)".

"Ramalama (Bang Bang)" has also been used in in popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy and So You Think You Can Dance (one of chorographer Wade Robson’s pieces).

Anne Hathaway describes the perfume as "ultra feminine" with a "sense of joy." "For me, Magnifique is the whole package. I think it’s about love. I think it’s about passion. … it’s captivating and mysterious."

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