Anne Hathaway - weight loss?

Sophie Sophie

Anne Hathaway weight loss?

I watched Princess Diaries 2 today (yes, I know it's a bit old movie) and Anne Hathaway was more curvy in it.

Did she lost weight since then? Is Anne Hathaway anorexic?

Fey by Fey
Anne Hathaway did lose quite a bit of weight. Anne Hathaway's not anorexic, but media pressures accusing her of being almost too curvy must of had an effect on Anne Hathaway. If you were told by the media on a daily basis that you needed to be a stick, wouldn't you feel like you need to lose weight?

(Oh wait..all girls are told this...and all girls want to lose weight, despite how perfect they are! Go figure.)
  • ☮MεlαniεƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¸¸.•*´`☮♡☮♡☮☮♡☮ by ☮Mεlαniε...
    Anne Hathaway has lost a lot of weight, but Anne Hathaway also lost her baby fat. Some teens, like her, hold baby fat until they get into their 20s and then they can really slim down. Anne Hathaway is in several magazines and in SELF saying that she worked out and ate strict to lose weight for some roles. She looks amazing in Bride Wars and Get Smart. Despite her larger nose, she is turning out to be a pretty lady.
  • Jacquot by Jacquot
    Black women can tend to put a lot of extra mass in the middle, so I think Anne Hathaway has been perhaps over diligent in eating less and training extra hard to keep her figure trim.

    Let's hope Anne Hathaway doesn't over do it. I thought she looked really good in Rachel Gets Married actually. A fine and strong young black woman.

  • CharChar230 by CharChar...
  • Yeah. Anne Hathaway was. She was also heavier before that too. But I never thought Anne Hathaway was fat. And no, I don't believe she's anorexic, just getting that Hollywood body and trimming down a bit. I still think she looks good.

  • ☼ Hibiscus ☼ by ☼ Hibiscus ☼
    I never thought of Anne Hathaway's as particularly curvy to begin if she's lost more weight since, then wow!

  • armyjav by armyjav
    Anne Hathaway lost weight? well if Anne Hathaway did, than it must be because of media pressure

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