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anne hathaway picture actress galleries Vogue Diaries: Anne Hathaway... A hectic day on a hot rooftop in L.A. did not diminish Anne Hathaway's enthusiasm during her cover shoot--nor her honesty. When it comes to life, she said, she always wears her heart on her sleeve.

Thank you for the insightful complement sir. ;D
You are right I do love and should embrace my own beauty.

You don't have to. She (Anne Hathaway) 's fine the way she is, and you're fine the way you are.Rather than wanting her beauty for you, you'd be better off enjoying her beauty and yours too :)

I want to be like her (Anne Hathaway) so bad!

Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only American that bought the Spanish edition! Haha, the green dress is perfect on (Anne Hathaway) her!!! (:

Anne Hathaway is hands down the hottest celebrity!!! The only other one that comes close is Liv Tyler.

(Anne Hathaway) beautiful, funny, talented = perfect :o)

(Anne Hathaway) Gorgeous !

(Anne Hathaway) get a life

(Anne Hathaway) ... WHAT a classy lady...cannot say enough good things about her. :)

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