Anne Hathaway - Hollywood Glamour to Venice

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Anne Hathaway, she Brings Hollywood Glamour to Venice...

She was every inch the Hollywood starlet as she arrived at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. Anne Hathaway was there to present her latest film, 'Rachel Getting Married', which is appearing in competition at the festival.
great to see Anne Hathaway in a different role
Gag me with an affected actress....and that film stunk!
yeaa, it was pretty boring..i kept waiting for something to happen...and ended.

but i love Anne Hathaway
I think Anne Hathaway started smoking before.
You don't LITERALLY become a smoker for a role; you're pretending.
If she "quit" smoking, then she was a smoker before the movie.
Anne Hathaway is beautiful and the movie is truly boring...
yeahhhh trueeee
anne is veryy beautiful and the movie is really boring
haha yeah movie is boring
Great actor, great performance, terrible movie.
haha yeah movie is boring
we miss Anne Hathaway alot

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