Anne Hathaway - Memories of Happy Wedding

Anne HathawayAnne HathawayAnne Hathaway fears that she'll never be able to top Hathaway' brother's wedding when Hathaway eventually exchanges vows--because his same-s_x nuptials was a blinding success. Hathaway's brother Mike and his boyfriend Josh wed in New York two years ago (06), and she still can't get the happy occasion out of her mind.

Anne Hathaway tells the new issue of Modern Bride magazine, "When Mike and Josh booked the place, it was before daylight saving time, and the sun was pretty high up in the sky. Now it was at eye level, and it was blinding! Burn-your-retina bright! We sent my cousin's boyfriend down to Canal Street with $250 to buy as many sunglasses as he could, and we put them on every other seat. Everybody just put on their sunglasses, and we have some great pictures of that!"

And there was another magical moment: "At one point... my mom got up to sing. She was just beaming straight love into them, and everyone felt it, and it was just this really beautiful moment."

Anne Hathaway stars in new movie "Bride Wars," She is now on the lookout for a Mr. Right to marry after dumping conman boyfriend Raffaello Follieri in 2008.

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