Anne Hathaway - I am a good girl!!!

Anne Hathaway in s_xy shirtAnne Hathaway has insisted hathaway didn't play a junkie in a bid to shed her good girl image.

Hathaway said she signed up to play a recovering drug addict in Rachel Getting Married because it was a great part, not to help her escape her most famous role in Disney's Princess Diaries.

Anne admitted. "I know everybody wants me to relish it, because I get that question in every single interview,"

"Not to sound arrogant or cocky, I've never defined myself by the way other people did. It's always been 'be yourself, be yourself, be yourself'. Well, the person I am is an actress, and I'm really excited that I feel, with this movie, I've earned that title.

"I've certainly been striving to earn it since The Princess Diaries, so I just feel happy now that I don't have to have this weight on my shoulders in regards to my attitude towards myself about being a performer, that I actually did something I'm proud of, where all the intentions I have for the character made it onto the screen."

Hathaway added she "never made any choices or really thought about the way I was perceived because I just don't see the point".

But Anne HAtahaway admitted it was "cool" to do something different, adding: "It wasn't cool because I had done the Princess Diaries, it was cool because Jonathan Demme is a f****** great director and Kym's an amazing character. It was cool on its own merit."

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