Opinion on Anne Hathaway?

Anne Hathaway Actress Snaps comI Like Anne Hathaway, because
Hathaway's an amazing actress, really pretty, one great actress, a good actress. I liked her (without actually knowing her), but the more I've read about her as a person I don't really care for her. I will still watch her movies though.

My friend say..
Anne Hathaway hasn't done any really big movie that has caught my attention, but she is not a bad actress.

So Neutral. Hatahaway's a good actress with a really good fashion sense. On the other hand she is reportedly very insecure with herself and loved her con boyfriend until he got put in jail. I hate the hyprocrisy of Anne jetting around the world with this man and saying how in love with him she was and then dumping him as soon as he gets caught. Granted, what he did was very wrong, but she was living a lavish life with him until he got caught.

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