Anne Hathaway - Forget her tabloid demons, Chic is the best revenge - W Magazine, October 2008

W Magazine, October 2008; Anne Hathaway (Forget her tabloid demons, Chic is the best revenge, Helmut Lang)Anne Hathaway forget her tabloid demons - Chic is the best revenge

Btw, anyone agree that Anna Hathaway is so pretty?
Hathaway so natural, and doesn't wear that much make up. I think shes way prettier then some girls in the spotlight

Anne is pretty with or without makeup. and hathaway's quite a good artist. almost never hear a bad gossip about her too...I agree 100%. And Hathaway is very grounded as well. You never hear anything negative about her which is nice.

Anne Hathaway no stunning beauty. She was great in the Princess Diaries. She seems to be really grounded and has a good head on her shoulders and keeps out of the spotlight and her private life private

But Anne Hathaway' eyes are a little to big for me and it reminds me of a bug... and I cant stand her teeth, sory dont know why??


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