I Like Anne Hathaway Because...

Anne HathawayJust some idea...

I like Anne Hathaway in Get Smart movie the most.

I looove anne hathaway. She's gorgeous and she's a really good actress. I really liked her in the devil wears prada. I have that movie. I also loveee her in get smart. It made me laugh sooo much. Hathaway and steve carell work so well together in that movie. It was perfect

I love Anne Hathaway! She's my favorite actress. She's so down to earth, funny, sweet, and really pretty! I love The Devil Wears Prada, and I look forward to seeing Rachel Getting Married. It might be her best role yet!

Anna Hathaway is an awesome actress. Her and Kate Hudson have a new movie coming out. I feel sorry for her about her boyfriend, I hope she get's over him soon. But I don't it had an effect on her acting, she's great.

I think Anne's great! I love all her movies! :D

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