Anne Hathaway - The victims of Italian con man Raffaello Follieri won a $3.7 million judgment

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway ex Raffaello Follieri news - The victims of Raffaello Follieri (Italian con man) won a $3.7 million judgment against Follieri Monday - but whether they will ever actually collect is far fr clear.

Raffaello is serving a four and a half year prison sentence 4 bilking investors by claiming to have an inside track on Vatican property. He appears to be in a world of financial hurt: Follieri recently sold off two Andy Warhol prints for $21,000 just to pay Follieri' legal tab.

Raffaello Follieri used to date "Rachel Getting Married" actress Anne Hathaway. Among those due money from Raffaello are two Catholic priests who say they loaned Follieri about $180,000.

William Hodge, Atlantic City Msgr, He'll get $40,000 & George Tomichek, Philadelphia Msgr. He'll get $20,000, according to a letter filed by federal prosecutors Monday.

The payout represents about one-third of what each victim claims to be owed.

Raffaello Follieri - the 30-year-old playboy - financier admitted using other people's money to bankroll a swank Fifth Ave. apartment as well as private jets to fly Raffaello Follieri and Anne Hathaway off to exotic spots across the globe.

The biggest chunk - $2 million - will go to Dundee Realty of Toronto, run by Bill Clinton supporter Michael Cooper.

Dundee dumped millions into a Follieri venture to buy up church property in Canada.

Yucaipa Corporate Initiatives Fund, run by Clinton confidant Ron Burkle, is to get $813,000.

Hodge's attorney William Hughes says he agreed to the deal in the hopes of recovering at least a portion of the $110,000 left Follieri by his parents.

Follieri duped Hodge into turning over the cash by claiming he needed it to reimburse nuns working out of his Manhattan offices. Hodge met Follieri while Follieri was attempting to buy up unused church land in Atlantic City.

Several other alleged victims of Follieri's swindle, including business partner Nicholas Mastronardi, have pending claims.

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