Anne Hathaway - Split from her love

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway Post Break-Up: ‘It’s Not Part Of My Life Anymore’ - She split from her love of five years — the now-incarcerated Raffaello Follieri – this past June. And although Anne’s talked about the split in the 6 months that have passed, She has now revealed to Vogue’s January issue that Hathaway realized her relationship with the Italian was over long before the Feds came knocking.

“I was a 21-year-old kid when I met him,” Anne Hathaway told the mag. “It wasn’t a huge, dramatic breakup. We were in the process of winding it down when he was arrested. I don’t talk about this, except when I’m asked. It’s not a part of my life anymore.”

As previously reported on, Anne Hathaway ex was sentenced to 54 months in prison in October, after pleading guilty to 14 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering.

Now Hathaway says that the fallout from what happened with Raffaello has created a burden on her shoulders.

“It’s a complicated situation that has the ability to define me in ways I am not comfortable with,” Anne Hathaway said.

Moving on hasn’t been an easy road, something She seemed to indicate when Vogue accompanied her on a recent shopping trip. As Hathaway browsed through some casual clothing in London’s famous retailer Top Shop (after revealing she had thrown out items previously associated with her ex), Anne was hit with the realization that post-Raffaello life was different for her.

Hathaway said. “This is harder than I thought,” “I haven’t done this yet. I don’t know how I want to look when I lounge around.”

But things are looking up for the star these days. In addition to the films she’s currently promoting – including this fall’s “Rachel Getting Married” (for which she has significant Oscar buzz) and the upcoming “Bride Wars” — Anne has been enjoying some music on the side. She says she’s been listening to a lot of Death Cab For Cutie and TV On The Radio.

Anne said. “After my breakup happened, I thought, ‘Concerts until the end of the year,’”

Additional information March 01, 2011
- In January 2011, it was announced she had landed the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

- Anne Hathaway Reportedly Paid $750,000 To Wear Jewelry At 2011 The Oscars! Anne Hathaway went through eight different looks while co-hosting the Oscars on Feb. 27 2011, and the star looked radiant, accessorizing with Tiffany & Co. jewels — but Us Weekly is reporting that her fancy accessories also came with a hefty reward, valued at $750,000! That’s not all, according to their sources she wasn’t the only celeb who was rewarded.

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