Does anyone else hate Anne Hathaway?

Anne HathawayAnne HathawayI think Anne Hathaway is so gross! I literally can't stand seeing her on TV. A commercial of Anne's came on for some perfume and my stomach turned. She is just nasty.

Anne Hathaway has a huge horse mouth. She is just gross. I am not saying that Hathaway is not a sweet girl, she probably is, I just hate when people try portray her as a sexy actress. She has a very awkward look about her.

Right on crazy. That is EXACTLY what I was saying. I never said Anne Hathaway could not act, or that she is a mean person. I don't personally know her, Im simply talking about having to look at her, and having her pushed on me as a sexy actress when she is clearly NOT

Most people are talking about her character...sure, she's sweet, succesful, humble, more down to earth than most hollywood actresses...

But when it comes to Anne hathaway's looks, I totally agree. Anne Hathaway has a very awkward presence. Looking at her, I am not sure whether she's pretty or ugly, something about her looks weird.

And i can not agree more, portraying her as sexy is just wrong. She might be portrayed as a lot of things, but sexy is not one of them...


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