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Another_game_and_you can learn more abouth me because of it!
maybe you will know half of those informations reading my blog. The game is called "Happy blog" and I was invited by SoNo i ewibar- thanks girls!:)
"Happy blog" is about 10 things that's make us happy- so here I go!:)

1. my relatives
They are my aid in more or less difficult moments. I think that family is the less mercenary 'instytution' ( at least it should be) from the all surrounding us.

2. The Internet
It gives me a lot of happiness and fun. It's like a big box of toys and it's nothing to hide- I'm addicted to it!:)

3. Every off day
Preferably the one after which another is also free:)

4. food
my fastest and easiest to reach source of endorphins:)

5. East of West home is best!
When I come back to my home ( no matter from where)-the sentence ? there is no place like home is always true!

6. memories
very often I come back to the moments which I would like to experience again. Now I mostly reminisce my dog, who passed away a month ago. I had him from 17 years and I loved him as much as I only could.

7. music
I don't understand people which do not listen do music. Music for me is like rainbow... it gives colours to my sky, which without music will not appear.

8. clothes
I love clothes and accesiories. It is nothing more to say about it because everybody knows about it enought:)

9. good news
I love to find out new and good things from my friends.Sometimes my life is focused only on few places that those happy infos from my friends life opens my eyes to another issues and provoke to thinking:)

10. reading yours comments on my blog
and another observing people:) in this matter everything give me happiness:) sometimes even one word from you can improve my mood. I'm reading your comments gladly because it determine what you think about my 'work'.

Was it boring? I wrote it very fast so later I will surely came up with others maybe more important points.

give my love to U:*
p.s. I'm getting better!

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