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Did anyone see this Anne Hathaway movie?
The movie Rachel Getting Married? I know it was like limited release so just curious if its any good? I'm thinking about ordering it on Neflix. Any other reccomendations for movies i can get on Neflix?

No dumb ***...its not Bridge Wars. Its called Rachel Getting Married.

Maricor A by Maricor A

It's not an easy movie to watch. I just saw it (Anne Hathaway Film "Rachel Getting Married") yesterday. It tackles sibling issues, but it has more than just that. It may seem like it is light and easy and I thought initially it might be a bit of a funny or witty movie. It was rather the opposite. Lots of really raw emotion. Almost painful. If you like brooding indy movies. This is it.

Ty i will consider that!
Hippie1967 by Hippie19...
  • Rachel Getting Married (Anne Hathaway Film) was really good.
    You should order Milk--also another Oscar nominated film.

  • Chish97 by Chish97
    Yeah, i've seen that movie (Anne Hatahway film "Rachel Getting Married"), plus, it's called Bride wars, it's hilarious.
    You should see it!!

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