Anne Hathaway - Boost Fat Burning

Anne Hathaway oscarAnne Hathaway Drinks Thermo Bubbles to Boost Fat Burning... Supposedly she, among other actresses and models, partake in this herbal drink that claims to "melt away the fat naturally" along with boosting energy and metabolism levels...

It says... Ur body needs calories to burn in order to function. Kirsch recommends drinking his bubbly twice a day, making this an expensive habit — well over $50 a week. But what happens when you stop drinking it? Will ur raging appetite return? The best way to lose weight is to exercise and limit ur calorie intake under the amount of calories you're burning, without dipping under 1200 calories a day. Why not just drink some green tea, which is considerably cheaper and offers a bevy of health benefits? Or try these five foods to boost your metabolism.

OOOPs.... will you try it?!

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